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If you are considering bankruptcy because of unforeseen medical costs, losing your job, as an outcome of separation, financial problems, turn in the economy, or other unintended or irrepressible event in your life, you are not the only one. As a New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer, I have aided numerous sincere as well as hard-working people erase their debt so that they can rebuild their lives as well as credit report.

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Bankruptcy is no longer a simple matter of just filing some forms. Only an experienced Bankruptcy lawyer in New Jersey can provide you with all of the answers you need. The good news is that most people can still be eligible to file for bankruptcy protection without losing their business, home, autos, cash, 401k, and many other assets. 

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What is Bankruptcy?

If you are buried under a mountain of debt, filing for bankruptcy might be the answer to get back control over your finances. Bankruptcy is a legal option which allows you to erase some or all of your debts, when you are unable to repay those debts. 

There are two categories in which bankruptcy can be divided into: liquidation and reorganization. Filing for Chapter 7 is considered liquidation because it allows you to liquidate any unprotected property to pay back your date. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is considered reorganization because it allows you to keep your property but involves restructuring your payments so that they are more manageable. This type of monthly or weekly payment plan can last up to five years.

A lot of time is spent negotiating with creditors as they try to get you to change your plan so they get more money or get it faster. If you are tired of negotiating these battles with creditors, contact the Law office of Arij H. Syed, LLC. today to help you find a solution to your financial troubles.

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